BADGALDO – Express yourself
At BADGALDO, our love for fashion and providing cool people with cool clothes is what drives who we are and what we do. 24/7.
Our idea is simple, we believe in combining style and personality. As a costumer you will have control over the look. We add our original clean and sporty design – and you add your persona and your creativity. We also believe that sharing is caring, with our clothes you are also able to design Tees, hoodies, (lägg in mer) and share your love and appreciation to others.

Say it with a Tee
Are you a big fan of Beyonce and SLAY like she does – say I SLAY! Or maybe you want to surprise the hubby or wifey with a couple tee? Why not show the world that you are a family and a team with combined Tees?
There are no limits of what you can create and we are here to provide you with class and quality.

The name BADGALDO does not mean anything in particular, but we see the word as something bold, fierce and someone who thinks outside of the box. We are a bold company with bold visions. We value our costumers as our dear ones and every package you will receieve is packed with love from us to you.

BADGALDO is a Swedish company based in Stockholm.